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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Cravings and unwanted food habits can lead to weight fluctuations and for many battling weight loss, the process is complex and multifaceted.  We are not all born alike, we have our DNA, upbringing and social influences impacting on how we navigate this life with all such variables contributing to our overall self worth and body image. Hypnosis is helpful in supporting in re-aligning our weight loss habits to a more positive mindset and in many cases, is effective is resetting some of the skewed habits or behaviours that have become the norm.

The addition of hypnosis provides a window of opportunity to assist in the effectiveness of dietary changes and an improvement in the regularity of exercise for people looking to lose weight. The idea is that the mind can be influenced to change habits like overeating. However, every individual will respond differently and despite it’s effectiveness in improving one’s self worth and improved body image, the amount of weight loss differs from person-to-person.

Does Hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

A 2018 study has provided evidence that the support of Self-Hypnosis techniques and hypnosis recordings.  The group provided with hypnosis reported better outcomes with a reduction in caloric (overall food) intake, a decrease in their urge to eat (satiety) and a reduction in the inflammatory markers related to obesity.

What to expect from your hypnotherapy weight loss program

Hypnotherapy for weight loss requires 5-6 consultations with the choice of Improved Weight Loss habits with craving elimination or Virtual Gastric Band weight loss (the subconscious belief that the stomach has been reduced in size and other suggestions).  The individualised program outlines personal goals and timelines, preferred eating habits and fitness goals.

During the hypnosis session certain words or repetition of certain phrases may be used and used throughout the program.  Your therapist may also help you visualise yourself reaching goals through sharing vivid mental imagery.  Hypnotherapy programs come with conscious tasks and an mp3 self hypnosis track to utilise.

How can I prepare for my first hypnotherapy appointment?

Start a food diary to track your eating do your best to cut down on the not-so-good foods

that have been problematic in the past.

Increase your protein intake.

Note the time of day that cravings may arise and document in your diary.

Consider a free fitness activity that you would like to do and book it in with a good friend.

Keep Hydrated. Water preferably 😉


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