Fertility, anxiety and the pilgrimage towards parenting?

Do you have a wish to conceive, carry and birth your Baby? To be a Mum or Dad or are you a supportive friend traveling this vast emotional pilgrimage that touches your heart at every turn?

Hypnotherapy can assist by providing you with a sense of renewed wellbeing, rejuvenation and the ability to breathe during your periods of exhaustion and doubt, providing a sense of ok-ness on the more difficult days.

If you are one of the women that has been trying to fall pregnant with no clear explanation as to why it appears to be more difficult for you then Hypnotherapy may be a good supportive option. Hypnosis and mind-body therapies can assist you in keeping you calm and steady during the ups and downs of conception, miscarriage and a myriad of other physical and social factors that come into play when you’re planning for a child.

How can Hypnosis help?

Hypnosis is one part of the therapy provided by a Hypnotherapist. As a Nurse and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I combine my knowledge of the biology of the body and in almost all cases, I’m able to provide a lay (wo)man’s explanation of why it’s important to keep the stress hormones to a minimum and more importantly, how to do it with a few simple techniques.

You see, our body’s nervous system is fueled by our minds’ response or our perceptions of fear and panic. We may not have saber tooth tiger’s to fight but that does not mean we’re not responding as if one is in front of us.

What does this have to do with you, I hear you thinking?

For women wishing to conceive after a long period of attempting to fall pregnant naturally simply approaching a scan, an Obstetrician appointment or just seeing a familiar medical professionals number come up on their phone it can be enough to release a fear and even panic response in the body. Our mind is often on the watch to avoid moments of extreme distress, prolonged discomfort or mental hurt. It is during these times that our body releases adrenaline which is counter productive in the conceiving and birthing body.

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