IBS and Health Symptom distress

Are you nervous about your IBS symptoms getting in the way of your daily tasks? Are you struggling with anxiety related to your unpredictable gut issues? Hypnotherapy can help.

Everybody’s IBS journey is different. Diarrhoea, constipation and swollen bellies can cause distressing habits resulting in socially excluding behaviour for many sufferers and their families. as they prepare for their lives to change.

Natural State Hypnosis provides treatment, support and education to Irritable Bowel Syndrome clients in the management of their condition and provides a unique MP3 recording specific to their specific symptoms.

Our Hypnosis and Mindfulness therapies assist in drawing on positive endorphin release which can be instrumental in decreasing the fear and panic response during periods of digestive pain, stress and anxiety providing relief through this program.


IBS treatment, relief and empowerment.

Along with the opportunity to spend precious hours learning how to adopt mindfulness techniques and embrace self-hypnosis habits, your unique needs, preferences and expectations, our sessions will help decrease fear and empower you to reintroduce foods calmly.

Clients who have experienced embarrassment, fear the consequences of their unpredictable bowel habits, pain, bloating and gas.  Hypnotherapy programs will provide enormous benefits in the emotional reactions to these events and can assist in releasing past fear and embracing what is to come.

Clients experiencing social anxiety, body embarrassment or sexual health issues related to IBS can also benefit from our Hypnosis therapy.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome principles of treatment
  • How to calmly respond to discomfort
  • Importance of embracing FODMAPS diet
  • Biology and the power of the brain in pain
  • Fostering positive food reintroduction plan
  • Creative resources to aid in positive social experiences
  • Strategies and unique MP3’s for IBS self-maintenance

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