Kids anxiety helped by hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Kids anxiety

School anxiety is a big deal! Does your child suffer from fear and panic? Hypnotherapy can help and Kids often experience immediate relief.

Being a parent is tough and as a parent of a youngster that expresses anxiety, fear or panic at any stage can make parenting even more difficult. Hypnotherapy is a gentle and in many cases effective way for kids and young adults to bravely work through their fears. Visual imagery and story telling are often wonderfully effective ways to engage young people and Hypnotherapy may be provided in a waking state as children are still very efficient at moving in and out of trance-like states.

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Hypnotherapy for kids anxiety

If your child appears to have lost that toddler courage that you remember which allowed them to brush themselves off and attempt the next trick on the monkey bars then they could be in need of some confidence boosting. We know that as adults our resilience can take a beating when moving jobs, cities, sports teams or a myriad of different changes and our Children and young adults can lose sleep, forget to eat, be more hesitant to leave our side as just a couple of examples of how these feelings play out in children.

With Child Psychologist wait lists being stretched to capacity it is the perfect time to consider other options. Hypnotherapy can provide immediate relief being reported by a majority of parents of my young clients. During a hypnotherapy session Mums and Dads can expect to remain in the room for the entirety of the 45min-60minute consultation to ensure that your child feels supported and comfortable for the duration of the session.

Despite children and young adults being quite suggestible to hypnosis, Hypnotherapy is most effective when a minimum of 3-6 consultations providing long lasting change and resilience for our young population. These programs aim to create a sense of self worth and building self esteem.

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