Alcohol Free for 1 year with Hypnosis

A word of thanks from Gemma I have had hypnotherapy with Ange several times for several different reasons over the years and absolutely love it.  I’ve had it for generalised anxiety, before job interviews for a confidence boost and for help developing better health behaviour habits. My greatest success with hypno with Ange was my… Continue Reading

Hypnobirthing: birth calmly

If you know someone that’s delivered this way… then take their advice and ‘Just do it!’ So have I experienced it? We sure did! Hypno…what?  This is the common response from pregnant Mum’s and their partners when I explain that I’m strongly recommending Hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing is a term coined for the empowering antenatal mindset that… Continue Reading

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis!

Does it really work for smoking?  .. that is the first question I’m asked when people hear about my day job. Yes!  Is my first response, however, it comes with some further investigations from under our Hypnotherapist caps.  We want to know whether you think it works?  Why and who suggested it and whether their… Continue Reading

Want more details about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy and hоw it wоrkѕ Hурnоѕiѕ fоrmѕ thе foundation of hурnоthеrару. During hурnоѕiѕ, your bоdу relaxes and your thoughts bесоmе mоrе fосuѕеd. In thiѕ relaxed ѕtаtе, оnе will fееl аt ease physically yet fully awake mеntаllу, аnd mау be highlу rеѕроnѕivе tо suggestion. Some people rеѕроnd better tо hурnоtiс suggestion thаn оthеrѕ. Hурnоthеrару With hурnоthеrару,… Continue Reading

Privacy policy

The last update to our Privacy Policy was posted on February 14, 2018. This Privacy Policy governs the privacy terms of our website We are committed to maintaining the privacy of Users, Members, and Practitioners. provides a public service to individual consumers who may access the website (“Users”) or to seek individualised… Continue Reading

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