Hypnobirthing: birth calmly

If you know someone that’s delivered this way…

then take their advice and ‘Just do it!’

So have I experienced it? We sure did!

Hypno…what?  This is the common response from pregnant Mum’s and their partners when I explain that I’m strongly recommending Hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing is a term coined for the empowering antenatal mindset that is provided to a Mother and their birth companion in the preparation to their Baby’s arrival and I can gladly say that Australia’s Hypnobirthing program was my go-to and is concise with the education and resources uniquely Australian.


The ‘Hypno’ in Hypnobirthing refers to the power of conditioning in the form of replicated words, stories and the negative or positive energy that are familiar to women in present day western society.  Hypnobirthing draw’s upon the minds’ want to accept conditioning for good and the powerful group environment helps to quickly ‘undo the birth fear’ and promote focused, calm breathing and relaxation techniques to establish a positive mindset by replicating healthy affirmations, self-hypnosis training, lighting, sense of smell, music and tips to assist in the movement from one surge to the next.

The four antenatal sessions are held over three hours and outline the models of care available for birthing in Australia, strategies on how to enable couples to make safe and informed decisions during their pregnancy and birthing experiences.  It promotes the incredible powers of the woman’s birthing body, how the baby forms and the importance of antenatal nutrition, fitness and antenatal and postnatal psychological wellbeing.  The exceptional role of the uterus in birth and the acceptance of ‘good’ pain in birthing are explained and self-hypnosis skills are taught and replicated by each couple during each session.


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and registered nurse I see the impact of negative and positive words and the power-shift that can play out in the hospital setting.   Hypnotherapy empowers the couple and allows them to bypass the language of ‘labour’, ‘contractions’ and ‘pain’ and choose to endorse ‘birth’, ‘tightening or waves’ and ‘surges’.  This is where I see the absolute value of a starting financial cost of approximately $550 for a couple to complete their birthing preparation as emotionally invaluable.  The relationship building, the skill of gentle touch for endorphin release and birthing preferences further build the value of having the safe and healthy birth they planned for, no matter what course their birthing experience takes.

Hypnobirthing Practitioner’s consistently receive positive feedback on their birthing couples’ success stories.  Birthing Mother’s and their companions come away feeling connected with the needs of their partner on their Baby’s birthday and displaying great confidence on how they can be truly supportive, assist in informed decision making and fully engaged in their Baby’s birth. 

Now days, I find myself supporting women that have struggled with a disempowering or traumatic birthing experience as a Hypnotherapist however, I work with Hobart’s #1 Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner; Sarah Purvey and having trained alongside Sarah, I can strongly recommend her program.

We would be happy to chat about the positive effects of Hypnobirthing. 

Did I mention…  Just do it!



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