PregnancyAre you nervous about giving birth? Are you struggling with fertility issues? Hypnotherapy can help.

Everybody’s journey is different. Pregnancy can be an anxious, frantic time for many families as they prepare for their lives to change.

From Natural State Hypnosis provides support to expectant mothers, their partners and families throughout pregnancy from conception through to the birthing suite.

Our Hypnosis and Mindfulness therapies assist in positive endorphin release and can be instrumental in decreasing the fear response during birth and reducing stress and anxiety throughout this time of change.


Pregnancy, empowerment and hypnobirthing.

Along with the opportunity to spend precious hours with your birthing partner discussing your needs, preferences and expectations, our sessions will help decrease fear and empower women to birth calmly.

Women who have experienced birth trauma or fear of birth previously will find enormous benefits in our sessions. Hypnotherapy can assist in releasing past fear and embracing what is to come.

Couples experiencing fertility difficulties, fertility grief or sexual health issues can also benefit from our Hypnosis therapy.

  • Hypnobirthing principles
  • How to calm the birthing experience
  • Importance of the birthing partner
  • Biology and the power of the brain
  • Fostering positive Caregiver experiences
  • Creative resources to aid birthing goals
  • Strategies and scripts for the mother and her birthing partner
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