PTSD symptom relief

Hypnotherapy provides effective relief for many people suffering from PTSD with all research findings highlighting the importance of receiving therapy from a highly skilled Therapist with a background in mental health care training.

Post Traumatic Stress disorder symptoms vary from one person to another. However, most people express their experiences as a combination of these 4 main groups of symptoms according to SANE

  • Flashbacks of the traumatic event through intrusive memories or nightmares
  • Feeling emotionally numb
  • Feeling anxious and jumpy’ for no reason
  • Avoiding reminders of the event

Flashbacks, intrusive images, thoughts and nightmares are common and often extremely distressing.

A 2019 Meta-Analysis titled “Effectiveness Magnitude of Hypnosis on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment’ on military and civilian populations was supportive of Hypnotherapy for PTSD in both populations.

The effects of Clinical Hypnotherapy combined with CBT were most positive in the veteran population. The combination of subsequent CBT and a structured 1 hour consultation process over multiple sessions was found to support the veteran’s respect for time and process as enhancing the positive Hypnotherapy outcomes for their clients.

Reference: 2019, Klissourov, GK., Walden University, USA

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