Quit Smoking with Hypnosis!

Does it really work for smoking? 

.. that is the first question I’m asked when people hear about my day job.

Yes!  Is my first response, however, it comes with some further investigations from under our Hypnotherapist caps.  We want to know whether you think it works?  Why and who suggested it and whether their opinion is held in high regard.

You see, we all have free will.  Whether we are hypnotisable or not will make minimal difference if the purpose of smoking is providing a reward more significant to the person than simply quitting.  Lifestyle habits, relationships and others opinions can create inner conflict and its effects may over-ride one’s better good at times.  But never forget, every attempt is one step closer to the winning day as a non-smoker for good!

Are you ready to quit?  To bring your plans and goals to the forefront of your daily, weekly and monthly plan?

Would you consider Hypnotherapy if you were certain one of several long-lasting changes could be installed such as never being able to consider having another cigarette ever again?

Perhaps you would rather not be drawn to the ‘draw-back sting’ at the back of your throat?  Hypnotherapy can have the natural gag response to the smell, taste and sting at the throat enabling you to quit the cigarette with the support of anchors such as red traffic lights reminding your mind and body that you have quit and you’re committed to that change.

Or perhaps when you smell the carpet in a bar you are reminded of how unpleasant smoking is and you feel relieved as a non-smoker once again..

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Hobart Rosny Tasmania

And just like Monopoly you will imagine collecting $50 each time you pass the service desk at your local supermarket during your fortnightly shop rather than handing it over, and over and over.

How would you celebrate your improving health and wealth situation? A weekend away? A trip to a shop supplying your favourite past time pieces?


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