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Clinical Hypnosis in the heart of the Eastern Shore & Sandy Bay

Natural State Hypnosis provides medically attuned clinical Hypnosis to clients in Tasmania and beyond. From Childhood Anxiety and Palliative Hypnosis to weight-loss, IBS treatment, addiction treatment and more, Natural State Hypnosis can deliver enormous benefits to patients in need.

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6.5 hours clinical hypnotherapy – Covid-19

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Includes 10 sessions over 6 months, Best Self Project Gratitude journal – Covid-19 rate


Do you have Private Health Insurance? Members of participating Health funds can to claim a rebate for Hypnotherapy consultations.

IBS Support

Are you nervous about your IBS symptoms getting in the way of your tasks?


Illness & Palliative

Assistance for patients and their families through an anxious ans difficult time.


Relieve anxiety and depression - embrace your body, mind and soul!

Weight Loss

Create new habits, fortify your self-belief and reach your weight-loss goals!



Get the facts about Hypnotherapy through workshops and patient stories.


Ange's hypnotherapy technique has allowed me to really feel fine with myself and my body. Yes, I'm still on my weight loss journey but it's ok. I am learning acceptance within myself which is the destination I need. Ange is always thinking of you and what you need. Thank you Ange! Kelly ~ Apr 2018

With Angela’s help I drew out the issues underlying my binge eating (which weren’t what I expected) and allowed me to address them. Now I am in control and don’t binge anymore. Very worthwhile, supportive and constructive experience - thoroughly recommend it to anyone struggling with their weight - brilliant! Carol ~ Feb 2018

I wanted to let you know that I still cannot eat Lindt or blocks of Cadbury, I didn't get to a size 12 for the event , but started walking every morning for the past couple of months and starting personal training in January, so all looking good.
Jane ~ Dec 2017

I can't thank Ange enough for helping me to believe in my body's ability to birth my second baby in a calm and positive way. My husband and I still can't believe the stark contrast to our first child's birth. Ange provides practical insight into how. Pippa ~ Nov 2017

I wanted to let you know that I've now driven the Bridge several times, this is certainly more that I could have envisioned before meeting you! Jill ~ Oct 2017

This lovely Lady is the most caring, warm and positive person you could hope to meet. She has helped me through grief and anxiety and the problems that these emotions bring into your life . After a session with Ange, I always leave uplifted and positive. Anna ~ June 2017
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